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ICRA participa en la 9è Conferència Internacional sobre Recursos Hídrics i Ambients Àrids

El director de l’ICRA, Damià Barceló, ha estat un dels ponents convidats en la novena edició de la Conferència Internacional...


EdiCitNet Toolbox, an interactive catalogue of tools designed to support urban food initiatives, has been launched.

ICRA presents EdiCitNet Toolbox, a public, online collection of specially designed tools for urban food-related initiatives available in 7 languages (English,...


ICRA's participation in the UdG session on Wise Water Management in Cities

On March 23rd, the Wise Water Management in Cities session was held, promoted by the Water Campus and the Natural and Cultural Patrimony Campus of the University of Girona. The talk, which...


Divulgative talk on the Surveillance Network of SARS-CoV-2 in the wastewaters of Catalonia

On March 23rd, the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) held a talk for the students of the Miquel Martí i Pol institute in Cornellà de Llobregat on the Surveillance Network...


Publication of the diagnosis by international experts on the coronavirus in wastewaters led by the University of Salerno and the ICRA

The study Coronavirus in water media: Analysis, fate, disinfection and epidemiological applications, led by Vincenzo Naddeo, of the University of Salerno, and Damià Barceló, the director...


Follow-up meeting on the first 24 months of the Nowelties project

On 8 March, the European Nowelties project, coordinated by the ICRA, organised a virtual meeting to share and evaluate, together with the Project Officer of the Research Executive Agency, the progress...

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