SETAC Europe 2018 Rome (13 – 17 May)

Rome- Italy

SETAC Europe 2018 Rome sessions announcement under Track 3: Environmental Chemistry and Exposure Assessments: Analysis, Monitoring, Fate and Modelling

Session 3.4. Title: Analysis and Fate of Emerging Contaminants in soils, water and plants under water scarcity

Co-chairs: Damià Barceló, Yolanda Picó Summary: This session solicits contributions describing recent advances in knowledge on the different sources of emerging contaminants, their incorporation into soil and vegetables through irrigation or biosolids applications and their metabolization, accumulation and translocation. In particular, we welcome contributions that link previous aspects with the ecological effects they produced by reacting in the environment during repeated applications of wastewater and organic amendments in soil.

Session 3.7. Title: Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants in the Water Cycle: Analytical Challenges and Engineered Solutions

Co-Chairs: Bozo Zonja, Cristina Postigo, Kai Bester and Karin Wiberg Summary: This session intends to gather scientists interested in identification of transformation products of emerging organic contaminates but also evaluation of treatments for their degradation and/or removal. Therefore, if your research area is highlighted by some of the following keywords, you are invited and welcome to contribute to this session: TPs, LC and GC-HRMS, target-suspect-non-target screening, wastewater treatment plants, sludge, advanced oxidation products, water disinfection, high/low molecular weight disinfection by-products, water reuse, EOCs, and/or bioremediation. Please note the deadline for abstract submissions is 29 November 2017! Do not hesitate to