Resources and ecosystems

This research area investigates the spatial and temporal dynamics of water resources and its potential effects, especially on the structure and function of continental aquatic ecosystems.

Special emphasis is given to irregularities in water resources and the effects of land use and climate change on resources and ecosystems, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

Lines of research

The lines of research of the Resources and Ecosystems Area are:
AI1 Hydrological processes
AI2 Lacustrine and reservoir systems
AI3 Fluvial systems
AI4 Modelling of ecosystems and basins



Group leader

Sergi Sabater
Research Professor (UdG Associated)

Professor of Ecology at the University of Girona (UdG), coordinator of the Research Group of  "Operating and Inland Water Conservation Systems (GREFCO)", Consolidated Research Group of the Regional Government of Catalonia. His research career has been focused on the ecology of fluvial ecosystems. His preferred lines of research are the ecology of river algae and biofilms, the ecotoxicology of biofilms, the metabolism and functioning of fluvial systems, and the effects of global change on fluvial systems.