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Thursday, 09 March 2023

Water Research X (WRX, 9.4 impact factor in 2022) is emerging from the umbrella of its sister journal, Water Research (WR). WRX now has a new Editorial Board that includes an editor-in-chief, five editors and more than 20 associate editors. Professor Zhiguo Yuan, a long-term contributor to ICRA, is the new Editor-in-Chief. The other editors include Dr Wolfgang Gernjak (ICRA-CERCA, ICREA), Professor Treavor Boyer, Professor Xia Huang, Dr Peter Bach and Dr Yujie Men. Each offers exceptional and complementary expertise in areas within the scope of the journal.

WRX is now a fully independent journal publishing high-quality, innovative water research, with competitive publication times. Another outstanding feature of WRX is that it offers new formats for authors to publish concise yet comprehensive and novel articles. More details can be found on the journal website: