Instituto Catalán de Investigación del Agua Investigación e Innovación para el uso sostenible del agua

RiE3. Biodiversity and functions of aquatic ecosystems

Keywords: biodiversity, biofilms, microbial ecology, algae, invertebrates, taxonomy, functional traits, food webs, climate change, global change, water scarcity, multiple stressors, organic matter effects, nutrient effects, contaminant effects, ecotoxicology.

Research topics:

  • Composition, distribution patterns, and functions of biological communities in natural freshwater ecosystems, under reference and altered conditions.
  • Impact of climate and global change on freshwater ecosystems, with particular interest on water scarcity in the Mediterranean region.
  • Composed effects of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems. Impacts of pollutants and ecotoxicological implications. Conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems.

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