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Gemma Geis, Regional Minister for Research and Universities, visits the ICRA

The Catalan Minister for Research and Universities and President of the Board of Trustees of the Catalan Water Research Institute Foundation (ICRA), Gemma Geis, paid an institutional visit to the ICRA...


ICRA receives 1,376,650.92 EUR from the Horizon Europe programme to launch four water projects

Horizon Europe, the European Union's framework programme for research...


An ICRA-led scientific expedition will study for the first time the destruction of carbon deposits in the Aral Sea

A scientific expedition led by the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) is studying the destruction of the carbon sink in the sediments of the Aral Sea (Kazakhstan), the largest dry lake on the...


Adrián Jaén Gil, winner of the UdG's extraordinary doctoral award 2021

Doctoral student Adrián Jaén Gil has won the extraordinary doctoral prize in Water Science and Technology with the thesis “Removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater combining different...


ICRA obtains nine positions for technical staff through the INVESTIGO Programme

The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) is offering nine technical staff positions (under 30 years of age) through the INVESTIGO Programme, funded by the European Union-Next Generation EU within...


RESEARCH ICRA: GiroNat. Turn towards renaturalization for a more resilient and healthy Girona

GiroNat is a city shared project, long-standing and showcasing. It fosters the biodiversity and the green infrastructure as a leading concepts of a 180 degrees turnaround to urban renaturing. It will...

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