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Vicenç Acuña, new director of ICRA-CERCA

The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA-CERCA) has successfully completed the selection process for the position of Director of the research centre. The appointment has gone to Vicenç Acuña,...


The intoDBP project brings together Girona in relevant entities in the field of drinking water from all over the country

- The meeting was attended by the Spanish project partners and invited experts, and served to gather contrasting opinions on topics such as the regulation of disinfection by-products, the future of drinking...


ICRA-CERCA and UdG create a digital platform that promotes 'Edible Cities'

- A web-based platform connects initiatives and tools to encourage the implementation of nature-based solutions and the production of local, quality food. - The initiative is part of the Edible Cities...


ICRA-CERCA and Bàsquet Girona present the first results of the study of water and energy consumption in the Fontajau sports Hall

- The objective of the research carried out between the collaboration of Bàsquet Girona and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA-CERCA) is the improvement of sustainability. The Catalan...


Prize for the best oral presentation to Marta Turull at the EMEC23 conference

The ICRA-CERCA researcher Marta Turull participated and got the prize for the best oral presentation at the Conference EMEC23 (23rd European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry), 3rd-6th...


Esquerra Republicana deputies of the Climate Action Committee visit the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA-CERCA)

- A delegation of deputies and senator of ERC have visited the center and have talked with experts on the climate crisis, drought and water management. The deputy of Esquerra Republicana in the Climate...

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