ICRA-CERCA leads chemical analysis of shipping discharges within EU project EMERGE

Maritime transport is a major source of marine and atmospheric pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, which are projected to increase significantly, if effective measures would not be taken.

Within this context, the project EMERGE has been funded under the Horizon 2020 programme with the aim to collect and synthesize experimental evidence on waste streams to water and emissions to air originating from ships, for different emission control technologies. It started in February 2020 and will end by January 2024.

The measurements were focused on abatement techniques and evaluating emissions to water, air and marine biota. The project’s specific aim was to investigate how effectively available scrubbers reduce the effects of key pollutants. ICRA-CERCA leads a work package on characterization of waste streams to water and has conducted a comprehensive screening of pollutants such as PAHs including alkylated compounds, as well as of other compounds of different origin occurring in gray water.

The main objective of ICRA-CERCA work is to get a comprehensive view on chemical contamination of shipping discharges in studied areas and therefore enable prediction of eco-toxicological effects of ship discharges in the marine environment.

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