ICRA headquarters hosts the fifth meeting of the iWAYS project

The partners of the iWAYS project - Innovative WAter recoverY Solutions through recycling of heat, materials and water across multiple sectors - held their fifth meeting this November at the headquarters of the Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA). It is a project financed by the H2020 program of the European Union within the framework of the SPIRE initiative.

Representatives of the 19 iWAYS partners have gathered to share the latest news related to all aspects of a project that aims to develop a set of technologies and systems for industrial processes in order to recover water and heat, and in some material cases, of the exhaust currents, thus reducing the consumption of resources and increasing energy efficiency.

The 4-year project has just reached the half-way point where most of the preparations have already been made for iWAYS solutions to start serving industry partners in the next months. For more information consult the project website: www.iways.eu

https://icra.cat/files/noticia/IWays 2 https://icra.cat/files/noticia/IWays 5 https://icra.cat/files/noticia/IWays 1
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