ICRA and its collaborators continue to contribute to international leadership in academic publishing

Water Research X (WRX, 9.4 impact factor in 2022) is emerging from the umbrella of its partner journal, Water Research (WR). WRX now has a new Editorial Board comprising an Editor-in-Chief, five Editors, and over 20 Associate Editors. Professor Zhiguo Yuan, a long-term collaborator of ICRA is the new Editor-in-Chief. The other Editors include Dr Wolfgang Gernjak (ICRA-CERCA, ICREA), Professor Treavor Boyer, Professor Xia Huang, Dr. Peter Bach, and Dr. Yujie Men. Each offers outstanding and complementary expertise in areas across the journal's scope.

WRX is now a fully independent journal that publishes high-quality and ground-breaking water research, with competitive times-to-publication. Another standout feature of WRX is that it provides new formats for authors to publish concise but complete and novel papers. Further detail can be found at the journal’s webpage: https://www.elsevier.com/journals/water-research-x/2589-9147/guide-for-authors

https://icra.cat/files/noticia/Water Research
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