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ICRA-CERCA leads chemical analysis of shipping discharges within EU project EMERGE

Maritime transport is a major source of marine and atmospheric pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, which are projected to increase significantly, if effective measures would not be taken. Within...


ICRA-CERCA researchers present in the 10th iwa microbial ecology in water engineering specialist conference in Brisbane, Australia

The IWA Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering Specialist Conference promotes the rational and effective engineering of open microbial systems in the water cycle using emerging technologies and concepts...


Damià Barceló, director of ICRA-CERCA, receives the European award DAC-EuCheMS 2023 for his scientific and teaching career

The director of the Catalan Water Research Institute  (ICRA-CERCA), Damià Barceló, received this Thursday, August 31th, the European Analytical Chemistry Conference Euroanalysis 2023,...


In memoriam of Prof. Emilio Custodio

It is with great sadness that we’d like to inform you of the death of Prof. Emilio Custodio, at the age of 83. Prof. Custodio was a member of the ICRA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) during the...


ICRA-CERCA researcher Maria José Farré participates in the Gordon Research Conference 2023

Between July 30 and August 4, the Gordon Research Conference on Water Disinfection, Byproducts and Health ¨ Options and Limitations of Disinfection and Oxidation Processes for Water Safety¨ took...


General Meeting of the project ARENA in Rome

The ICRA-CERCA researchers Sara Rodriguez Mozaz and Jose Castaño Ortiz participated in the mid-term meeting of the JPI project ARENA, "Antibiotic REsistaNce and Pathogenic...

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