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The Catalan translation of Groundwater in Our Water Cycle of the Groundwater Project has been published

The book Groundwater in Our Water Cycle. Getting to Know Earth's Most Important Fresh Water Source, by Eileen...


Quarterly compilation of articles published by the TiA team

The research staff of the Technologies and Evaluation Area (TiA) of the ICRA has published several scientific articles during the last 3 months in high impact journals in their field of research:   1)  ...


ICRA commemorates World Water Day with a collection of 12 groundwater articles

The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) announces the publication of a


ICRA commemorates the two international days of Women and Girls in Science and Women Workers' Day with touring exhibitions

In February and March, two exhibitions have been set up at ICRA to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which is celebrated on 11 February, and the International Working Women's...


ICRA participates in the CWP's Water Innovation Day

Joaquim Comas, researcher of the Technology and Assessment (TiA) area of the ICRA, participated on 24 February in the Water Innovation Day "Digital and Circular Solutions" organised by the Catalan...


RESEARCH: 4SM Spread Sewer Sensing for Sustainable Management

The 4SM Spread Sewer Sensing for Sustainable Management project obtained in the call for R & D & I projects in strategic lines, was started in Desember 2021. The main goal of 4SM is to create...

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