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UdG students show interest in the ICRA at the Faculty of Science's Career Guidance Conference

The Faculty of Science of the University of Girona invited ICRA researchers to take part in the Professional Orientation Day 2022 on 10 February, aimed at 3rd and 4th year undergraduates and Master's...


ICRA Director Damià Barceló on the Clarivate list of highly cited researchers

The American Chemical Society's journal ACS Omega published in its November edition the news about the inclusion of one of its Associate Editors and eight of the members of its Editorial Advisory...


Study on NDMA-FP prediction published in the journal Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology

ICRA researchers Josep Sanchís, Mira Petrovic and María José Farré have recently published the article “Prediction of NDMA formation potential using non-target analysis...


Scan2DBP project funding for drinking water monitoring and prediction of toxic compounds

The Scan2DBP project, led by the researcher from the ICRA Water Quality area, María José Farré, ¨A scanning dissolved organic matter fingerprint tool to predict disinfection byproduct...



The project RECYCLO, led by the ICRA researchers Sara Rodríguez-Mozaz and Gianluigi Buttiglieri “RECYCLing waste water from small and medium sized laundries with advanced Oxidation process”...


"José Castillejo" stay of TiA research staff at NTUA in Athens

Increased water demand and decreased natural availability of fresh water lead to increased water stress in the Mediterranean region and other areas characterized by water scarcity. The availability and...

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