R&D&i Support Services

Since the ICRA takes as one of its objectives to transfer knowledge and to provide practical solutions, there are structures such as the R&D&i Office to facilitate and manage the process of technology transfer and the Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) to provide analytical services.

The ICRA's R&D&i and technical Support Services that help research are:



Ivàn Sánchez                                         Olga Corral
General Manager                               Personal Assistant
isanchez@icra.cat                              ocorral@icra.cat


Human Resources Service

David López                                            Anna Font 
Head of Human Resources            HR Technician

rrhh@icra.cat                                           afont@icra.cat


Eco-finance Services

Susana Roca                      Janina Manrique             Albert Garcia
Head of Ecofin                   Accounting                       Ecofin Technician
sroca@icra.cat                   jmanrique@icra.cat       agarcia@icra.cat

Information and Technology Service

Rubén Díaz    
Head of IT 



  Laura Sancho
  Public Contracting Technical  

  Yamila Zambrano


Elisabet Tornés
Curator & Internal Project Manager

General Services

 Pere Royo       -  Sandra Monleón


Open from 08.00 to 21.00 h.
Phone Number(34) 972 18 33 80


General information: administracio@icra.cat


R&D&i Support Services
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