R&D&i Support Services

Since the ICRA takes as one of its objectives to transfer knowledge and to provide practical solutions, there are structures such as the R&D&i Office to facilitate and manage the process of technology transfer and the Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) to provide analytical services.

The ICRA's R&D&i and technical Support Services that help research are:



Ivàn Sánchez                                            Olga Corral
General Manager                                  Executive Personal Assistant
isanchez@icra.cat                                 ocorral@icra.cat


Human Resources Service

David López                                           Alba Martín
Head of Human Resources          HR Technician

rrhh@icra.cat                                         amartin@icra.cat


Eco-finance Services

Susana Roca                      Janina Manrique               
Head of Ecofin                   Accounting                        
sroca@icra.cat                   jmanrique@icra.cat      

Information and Technology Service

Rubén Díaz    
Head of IT 



  Laura Sancho
  Public Contracting Technical  

  Yamila Zambrano


Oriol Gutiérrez
Research Scientist KTT

His research focuses particularly on sewer systems optimal management, including understanding of the in-sewer biological, physical and chemical processes and the creation of tools to support the best Sewer+WWTP management. He is the principal investigator of the EU Marie-Curie project SGHGEMS “Sulfide and Greenhouse Gas emissions from Mediterranean sewers” and has wide experience in international research projects in wastewater collection systems, both as leader (SP6-SCORe-ARC- LP0882016, Australia) and participant (ARC LP0454182, Australia).

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Elisabet Tornés                                          
Curator & Internal Project Manager          

 Lluís M. Bosch
 Research Support Computer Scientist

General Services

 Pere Royo       -  Sandra Monleón


Open from 08.00 to 20.00 h.
Phone Number(34) 972 18 33 80


General information: info@icra.cat


R&D&i Support Services
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