AII1. Chemical contamination of water bodies

The aim of this research line is to control water quality with regard to contamination by anthropogenic compounds.

Specific research lines comprise on one hand, the development of analytical methods for determination of trace emerging contaminants and on the other hand, the study of the origin, fate and ecological impact of these pollutants in the environment to better understand the sources and processes that control their distribution and their potential effects on ecosystems and human health.


Specific objectives are:

· Develop analytical methods for determining emerging and priority pollutants

· Determine the ocurrence of polluntants in selected areas

· Investigate the fate of pollutants

· Study the combined effects of pollutants in ecosystems

· Identify the pollutants and geographical areas that require special attention


Damià Barceló
Research Professor (CSIC Associated)

His research career has been focused on the area of water quality, particularly in the development of methods for controlling organic pollution by the so-called “emerging pollutants” (polar pesticides, surfactants –detergents–, endocrine disruptors and pharmaceutical products) in waste and natural water.

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Sara Rodríguez-Mozaz

Research Scientist

She focuses her research on the study of the origin, fate and ecological impact of different emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals, Endocrine Disruptors and their transformation products) in fresh-waters as well as in other environmental matrices such as biota. She also studies the removal and transformation of these emerging compounds during alternative water treatments principally for water reuse. She has been involved in national and international projects such as ECsafeSEAFOOD (EVK1-CT-2000-00045) and StARE (EU, 2013 Water JPI Pilot Call: 2015-2023). She is currently participating in the European projects HYDROUSA (EU 2018 H2020.;  2018-2022) and SCORE-Water (EU 2018 H2020. GA n.820751; 2019-2023), as well as in the National Projects PLAS-MED (CTM2017-89701-C3-2-R; 2018-2020).


María José Farré
Research Scientist 
Contract co-financed by the Spanish State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Social Fund within the framework of the Ramón y Cajal Program (AEI-FSE / RYC-2015-17108).

Maria José is a water treatment specialist and her research has focused on understanding oxidation mechanisms of contaminants, natural organic and inorganic matter during the treatment of drinking and wastewater. Her current scientific interests are related to the formation and fate of disinfection by-products (DBPs) during the production and transportation of both, drinking and high quality recycled water. Nitrogen-based, chlorinated, brominated and iodinated DBPs are included in my research plan as well as conventional and alternative disinfectants.

Lúcia H. Santos
Postdoctoral Researcher Advanced

Her research interests focus in the evaluation of the environmental risk posed by emerging contaminants to non-target organisms. She participates in ecotoxicological studies to assess the impact, bioaccumulation, toxicity and interaction of different organic contaminants (e.g. pharmaceuticals, personal care products, nanoparticles, microplastics) to non-target organisms as biofilm, macroinvertebrates and fish. She also performs metabolomic studies. Other of her research interests is the development of analytical methodologies for determination of pharmaceuticals, their metabolites and transformation products in environmental matrices as well as in their monitoring in the environment. She has been involved in national and international projects like ECsafeSEAFOOD (GA n° 311820) and Nano-Transfer (ERA SIINN PCIN-2015-182-C02-02). She is currently participating in the national project PLAS-MED (CTM2017-89701-C3-2-R) from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Mira Celic
Postdoctoral Researcher

Marta Turull
Postdoctoral Researcher

Patricia Aguilar
Postdoctoral Researcher

Santiago N. Otaiza
Postdoctoral Researcher

Lucas L. Alonso
Postdoctoral Researcher

Sofia Semitsoglou
Postdoctoral Researcher

Angela I. Pedregal
Predoctoral Researcher

Francisco A. Zafra
Predoctoral Researcher

Maria Pau Garcia
Predoctoral Researcher

Saida Martí
Research Tech. Adv.

Núria Claramunt
Research Tech. Adv.





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