Wolfgang Gernjak
Research Professor (ICREA)

Dr. Wolfgang Gernjak is an ICREA professor at ICRA since November 2015. Previously he was a Ramón and Cajal fellow from October 2014 at the Catalan Institute for Water Research.He is rsponsible for the research line on water supply including desalination and drinking water treatment, complementing ICRA´s research on recycled water.  He had previously worked at Plataforma Solar de Almería (2000-2008) and at the Advanced Water Management Centre (2008-2014) at The University of Queensland, where he lead a research program on drinking and recycled water. He specializes on membrane and oxidation technologies (e.g. reverse osmosis and integration with other membrane systems, UV technologies, ozonation, biofiltration). His principle aim is to innovate processes while managing water quality to generate fit-for-purpose water in a sustainable manner.

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Nikolaus Klamerth
Postdoctoral Researcher

Atefeh Tizchang
Predoctoral Researcher

Tomàs Lock
Research Technician




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