Technical Support Personnel (PTS)

The ICRA's research areas have support technicians to respond to the needs of research projects in each area.

The functions of these technicians are:

• Installation and maintenance of pilot plants and experimental laboratory facilities
• Install and calibrate auxiliary equipment (sensors, pumps, valves, etc.).
• Maintenance and calibration of laboratories equipment
• Monitor and ensure adequate supplies of materials (reagents, glassware, etc.) for the proper functioning of the laboratories, the experimental set-ups and research spaces
• Select the equipment and instrumentation used
• Contact suppliers to obtain estimates
• Run and manage the monitoring of orders placed by the research staff
• Task support for research projects
• Task support in collecting field samples


Resources and Ecosystems Area

Carmen Gutiérrez  
Technician  (PTS)

Water Quality Area

Núria Càceres  
Technician  (PTS)

Technologies and Evaluation Area

Verónica Rocasalva
Technician  (PTS)


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