Scientific Advisory Committee

One of its most significant tasks is to ensure the quality of the research

The Scientific Advisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees and its members consist of an unspecified number of scientists of acknowledged repute and expertise in the field of water and all other related areas of science. This Committee’s membership represents the ICRA ’s different priority areas of research. One of its most significant tasks is to ensure the quality of the research carried out at the ICRA.

Accordingly, it acts as an advisory body for all issues related with the scientific activities submitted for its consideration, and, when requested, it will also act as evaluating body for these activities.

The Scientific Advisory Committee has the following functions:

Take part in the evaluation and selection of research personnel.

It may work on specific advisory committees focused on the various lines of research followed at the ICRA Foundation, with the membership and duties determined by the Board of Trustees.

It may be summoned to attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees, with the right to speak but not to vote, pursuant to its advisory function.

The Scientific Advisory Committee’s members are:

Bernd Bilitewski, 
Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, The Institute for Waste and Pollutant Management, Dresden University of Technology  (Emeritus) (DE)

Clifford Dahm, 
Lead scientist of the Delta Science Program in Sacramento, California (USA). The mission of the Delta Science Program is to provide the best possible scientific information about water and to guide environmental decisionmaking in the California Bay-Delta ecosystem 

Amadeo Rodríguez Fernández-Alba, 
Head of the European Reference Laboratory for Pesticides. Faculty member of the Department of Hydrogeology and Analytic Chemistry, University of Almería, Almería (ES) 

Jeanne Garric, 
Director of the Ecotoxicology Laboratory, Aquatic Ecosystems Biology Unit, Department of Water Quality and Pollution Prevention, INRAE (FR) 

Jörg Overmann, Director of the Leibniz-Institute German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ) and Head of the Department Microbial Ecology and Diversity Research, Leibniz, Germany (DE) 

Maria Reis, 
Full Professor in Environmental Biotechnology, Department of Chemistry, Sciences and Technology Faculty, University Nova of Lisboa (UNL), Portugal (PT) 

Peter Vanrolleghem, Holder of the Canada Research Chair on Water Quality Modeling (modelEAU) and Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering and Water Engineering, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada (CA) 

Paola Verlicchi, Professor in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Department of Engineering, University of Ferrara, Italia (IT) 

Susan D. Richardson, Arthur Sease Williams Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of South Carolina (USA)

Stan Gregory, Emeritus Professor, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oregon State University (USA)

Yolanda Picò, Full Professor, Desertification Research Centre (CIDE)- University of Valencia (Spain)

Despo Fatta-Kassinos, Professor / Director of Nireas-IWRC . Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Nireas International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), University of Cyprus

Fang Wang, Professor of Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing- China)

Krishna Pagilla, Ralph&Rose Hoeper Engineering Professor and Chairman, Civil and Environmental Engineering  Department; Director, Nevada Water Innovation Institute- University of Nevada (Reno- USA)

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