Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua Recerca i Innovació per a l'ús sostenible de l'aigua

4th International Caparica Conference on Pollutant Toxic Ions and Molecules 2021

31/10 – 4/11 Caparica – Portugal

Plenary Speakers

Damià Barceló, PhD

Affiliation: Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA), H2O Building, Girona; Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA)- CSIC, Barcelona (Spain)

Title:  Assessment of treatment technologies such as AOPs, Biological, and Constructed wetlands for removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewaters.

Irene M. C. Lo, PhD

Affiliation: Institute For Advanced Study (IAS), The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (China)

Title:  Current development and challenges of advanced oxidation process for emerging pollutant degradation, bacteria disinfection and energy production for wastewater treatment.

Julia Y. Ljubimova, PhD

Affiliation: Terasaki Institute, Los Angeles CA (USA)

Title: Genomic/proteomic changes in rat/mouse brain after chronic exposure to particulate matter in Los Angeles basin air. Correlation with human pathologies.

José Luis Gómez Ariza, PhD

Affiliation: University of Huelva (Spain)

Title: Omics methodologies for the study of pollution on aging and its neurodegenerative p