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CEST 2021 International Conference on Environmental Science & Techonolgy

01-04 September 2021 Athens ( Greece)

CEST 2021 International Conference on Environmental Science & Techonolgy 

Description: A new, more ambitious EU strategy on adaptation to climate change will be recently adopted by EC in order to strengthen efforts on climate-proofing, resilience building, prevention, and preparedness, ensuring that businesses, cities, and citizens are able to integrate climate change into their risk management practices.

Achieving the transition to a climate-neutral society will require significant investments in research and innovation, new ways of producing and consuming, and changes in the way we work and live together. A leading role in this process will play the involvement of the societies. To reach economy-wide climate neutrality, it is not possible to rely only on carbon removal all pathways towards climate neutrality require significant emissions reduction meaning adaption of a more resource-efficient lifestyle for modern societies.

The challenges and the opportunities raised by the European Green Deal to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a cleaner and greener economy achieved by investing in environmentally-friendly technologies and supporting research innovation will be discussed in this round table.

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