Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

What is ICRA?

A multidisciplinary center of reference in research into the integral water cycle at an international level.

We investigate the impact of microplastics, the control of pollutants in drinking water and water management in the circular economy among many other projects, and we transfer this knowledge to society and the fabric business and industrial.

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🌱💧CULTIVAR PLANTES AMB AIGUA REGENERADA? En el projecte #ReUseMP3, investiguem noves estratègies de regeneració d'aigua.
🎯L'objectiu és avaluar si els additius plàstics que pot contenir l’aigua, suposen un risc pel consum humà. No us perdeu el proper vídeo! 🧑‍🔬 #Sostenibilitat

We are so happy to announce that our last documentary "Memories of a Sea", directed by #lauracarrau is finalist at @uaffestival Disasters Film Festival from Turkey. Keep you posted.
#memoriesofasea #uaff #filmfestival #documentary

Hi, I would be gratefull if you can help to spread this questionary on microplastics & groundwater by Barbara Zanelli, University of Pisa, Italy. Thanks!

@IcraWater @GEOCAMB_UdG @campusaigua @aigua_cat @GHS_Barcelona @JoinHydrocafe @biralnas