Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

The Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA) is a center dedicated to research in the field of water and its resources.

  • Mission

    The mission of ICRA is to attract scientific talent and the necessary financial resources to maintain a center of excellence in hydraulic matters. The institute generates essential knowledge about hydrological processes, aquatic ecosystems (including human and ecological health), and chemical and microbial contaminants, particularly in conditions of water scarcity and extreme environmental conditions (such as droughts and floods).

    ICRA focuses on the development of appropriate technologies for the treatment, improvement, and reuse of water. ICRA conducts fundamental research with an interdisciplinary approach and transfers this knowledge to administration, industry, scientists, decision-makers, and society at large.

  • Vision

    The vision of ICRA is to continue being a center of excellence in the hydraulic field and to respond efficiently and competitively to problems and challenges related to the water cycle in general, as well as the state of ecosystems, water resources, the impacts of new products, new treatment technologies, and the sustainable use of resources within the Mediterranean climate (although not exclusively).

  • Targets

    The strategic targets guiding the actions of ICRA are as follows:

    • Foster excellence in research, both fundamental and applied, and promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, innovation, and the provision of scientific and technological services to public and private institutions.
    • Develop research activities at the highest level, with joint and cooperative organization, stimulating interaction among ICRA researchers and other national and international institutions, with a multidisciplinary approach.
    • Promote the application for grants, scholarships, and competitive funds, awarded by both public and private individuals or legal entities.
    • Facilitate the creation of spin-off companies by researchers and their participation in business incubators.
    • Organize scientific meetings at the national and international levels and provide specialized services and products to the scientific community.
    • Encourage other activities that contribute to the enhancement of research in water sciences and the achievement of foundational objectives.
    • Promote the dissemination of research results to society, making them accessible to laypersons and experts.
    • Become a key element in the research network of CERCA centers, as well as Catalan and Spanish universities and research centers, actively participating in their dynamics and fostering synergistic interactions among them, especially those that can be carried out through a common strategy with ICRA stakeholders.