Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water


This area of research investigates the spatial and temporal dynamics of water resources and their potential effects, along with the structure and function of continental aquatic ecosystems.

It gives a special emphasis to the irregularities in the resources and to the effects that the land uses and the climatic change have on the resources and the ecosystems, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

Head of Area

ICRA researcher since 2009, and currently head of the Resources and Ecosystems area. With a Doctorate in fluvial ecology, he obtained the University of Barcelona in 2004, his main scientific interests are the ecology of temporary river systems, the ecological effects of emerging pollutants, along with the transformations they experience, the integrated management of the urban system of the water, and the solutions based on nature for the sanitation of residual water in urban areas. So, his research on him encompasses both aspects of basic and applied science, and encourages inter- and transdisciplinary research. In relation to scientific production, it has published over 100 publications, which have resulted in an h-index of 43 and 4700 citations (according to Google scholar on August 24, 2022), 4 book chapters, a patent (p4103/2012 ), participation in 19 national or international research projects, and supervision of 6 doctoral thesis.

Research lines