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Turning towards renaturalization for a more resilient Girona

GiroNat is a shared city project, lasting and demonstrative, that promotes biodiversity and ecological infrastructure as backbones of the transition towards an urban regeneration, transforming Girona into a greener, more resilient and healthier city. It is coordinated by the city council of Girona and has 5 other partners, the University of Girona (with 6 research groups involved), the Sorellona association, the Nature Conservation Network, SEO-Birdlife and ICRA-CERCA. It is part of the projects of the call for the “Plan de Recuperación, Transformation y Resiliencia”, financed by the Next Generation funds of the European Union. GiroNat has €3.2 million in funding. of which approximately €2.3M are for the implementation of renaturation solutions. ICRA is responsible for developing a decision support system to plan sustainable drainage spaces minimizing sewer overflows, as well as the construction of a green wall for gray water treatment at the school

.Agora of the neighborhood of Sant Narcís. More information at

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