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Funding of the Scan2DBP project for the monitoring of drinking water and the prediction of toxic compounds

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

The Scan2DBP project, led by the researcher of the Water Quality (QA) area of ​​ICRA, María José Farré, “Scanning tool of molecular fingerprints of dissolved organic matter for the prediction of the formation of by-products of disinfection during water treatment”, has been financed in the call for R+D+i projects for the realization of “proofs of concept”, within the framework of the state R+D+i program oriented to the challenges of society, of the state plan for scientific and technical research and innovation 2017-2020.

The focus of the Scan2DBP project is the monitoring of drinking water to predict the toxic compounds that can be formed during the chemical disinfection of water (disinfection by-products, DBPs). The opportunity to use this technology as an early warning tool will also be explored.