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ICRA’s intervention in the UdG session on Intelligent Water Management in Cities

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

On March 23, the Wise Water Management in Cities session promoted by the Water Campus and the Natural and Cultural Heritage Campus of the University of Girona took place. The talk, which was part of the cycle “Innovation for SDGs: inspirational tools towards sustainability challenges” dedicated to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was focused on how to improve water management in cities, to make them more sustainable and resilient.

The day included the initial presentation by Corinne Trommsdorff , CEO of the Water Cities organization, who made an inspiring presentation on Water-Wise Cities. This was followed by best practice exhibitions by Reginna Gnirss , R&D Director of the Berliner Wassertriebe, which focused on the sustainable management of the water cycle, with a special focus on the city of Berlin, and Joana Castellar , ICRA researcher who spoke about “(circular) solutions based on nature”. Castellar offered a critical debate on what is and what is not a Nature-Based Solution (NBS), with special attention to the role of biodiversity for the conceptualization of NBS. Ideas were raised about the design of NBS to promote the circular management of resources in cities, especially water and food. And, finally, the EdiCitNet Toobox catalog was presented, as an interactive space for the exchange of knowledge.

Joaquim Comas , professor at the University of Girona and ICRA researcher, moderated the event.