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The “Solutions for the management of discharges from the unitary system” project with Aigües de Manresa, the Catalan Water Agency and ABM ends

Friday, 15 March 2024

This first quarter of 2024 has ended the project ” Solutions for the management of DSU” in which the analysis of solutions and proposed alternatives in the management of spills from sanitation systems has been carried out in significant episodes of rain.

Episodes of spills into the environment from sanitation systems are an important problem to maintain the good ecological status of the natural environment since these discharges can contain a variety of pollutants and must be managed appropriately to avoid environmental and public health problems.

The project partners, ICRA-CERCA, Aigües de Manresa, the Catalan Water Agency and ABM engineering have made a compilation of the current solutions, demonstration activities have been carried out for the monitoring of the quality of waste water discharged into the natural environment and a web guide with recommendations for the best technical solutions to address these episodes.