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Final Conference of Novelties in Croatia

On May 11 and 12, the final conference of the project will be held in Croatia Novelties During the meeting, the results of the research program will be presented, as well as the new achievements in the field of the development and application of new materials and processes for the treatment of waste water, affecting the technologies capable of controlling pollution by micropollutants organic (OMP).

The conference will present some recent technological and methodological developments that offer a number of opportunities for the transition to smart water management and the adoption of treatment approaches capable of significantly improving the degradation of OMPs, while they have a low energy footprint and a residual flow. So, it will be discussed about the advances in the biological treatment of WW; progress in advanced oxidation processes (AOP); new materials and application of nanotechnology in WW treatment and finally WW hybrid treatments.

ICRA is co-organizer of the conference, with its head of the Water Quality Area, Mira Petrovic, at the helm. In addition, the research staff of the Institute will star in three of the Novelties’ Talks . Barbara Topolovec will talk about “Degradation and productive transformation study for polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) during plasma treatment”; Michele Ponzelli , will speak on “The Impact of Graphene Oxide on Methane Production Kinetics”, and Nikoletta Tsiarta will talk about “Degradation of pharmaceuticals with heterogeneous catalytic ozonation-membrane filtration process using modified ceramic membranes”

The Conference is open to the entire scientific community, industry and end users .