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SIDISA 2021 Webinars: Damià Barceló (Director of ICRA)

Title of the conference: “Macro-and micro-plastic litter and increased Covid-19 based plastic pollution in the aquatic environment: analysis, effects, remediation and policy solutions”.

Day: 12 May
Hour: 11.30 am

This presentation will cover, in the first part, different aspects of Micro-Plastics (MPs) and Macro-Plastic litter pollution in coastal waters, waste waters, rivers, sediments and lakes. Case studies of MPs pollution in several coastal environments, sediments and catchments of China, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, Europe and Australia will be reported. The second part will be devoted to plastic litter and its increased use during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is related to an excessive use and consumption of single-use plastics, including personal protective equipment, masks and gloves. This presentation aims to provide an integrative and insightful overview on the effects of COVID-19 on MPs pollution and its potential implications on the environment and human health. Finally, remediation strategies and policy solutions to mitigate the global MPs problem will be addressed.

Free attendance for already registered participants to SIDISA 2021

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    Wednesday, 12 May 2021

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