Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

Chemical pollutants and microplastics in aquatic systems

The main objective of the line is to study the presence of pollutants of emerging concern, including microplastics, in the environment to understand their origin and the processes that control their distribution and effects on ecosystems.

Research topics:

  • Study of the fate of emerging (micro)pollutants and microplastics in the aquatic environment using advanced analytical methods.
  • Study of the absorption and accumulation of emerging (micro)pollutants in aquatic biota and agricultural crops irrigated with reclaimed water.
  • Study of the biotic and abiotic transformation of pollutants to understand the processes of degradation in the environment.
  • Evaluation of the effects of pollutants on aquatic ecosystems through in vivo, in vitro, and in silico experiments as well as metabolomics.