Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

This line of research studies how the chemical and biological quality of natural and urban waters affects human, animal and environmental health (“One Health” approach). A second objective is to extract chemical and biological data from waste water to assess the state of health of the populations that generate it.

Research topics :

  • Wastewater-based epidemiology: analysis of chemical and biological markers to assess consumption habits and the health status of the population.
  • Water pollution and food safety. (Micro)pollutants in shellfish and edible vegetables and impact on human health.
  • Impact of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses and other microbial pathogens in the three compartments of “One Health” (humans, animals and the environment).
  • Drinking water and disinfection by-products: Formation, fate and characterization of precursors.