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ICRA meeting with Nestlé Waters to explore future collaborations

Thursday, 15 June 2023

The Catalan Water Research Institute hosted a meeting with Nestlé Waters representatives to discuss and explore potential avenues of collaboration in the field of water research and sustainability.

The ICRA team was formed by Wolfgang Gernjak and Oriol Gutiérrez, ICRA researchers and president and member of the KTT-ICRA commission respectively, while the Nestlé team was formed by José Luis Belvis, head of the Trade Marketing department ; Marta Gállego, manager of the Horeca channel; Carlota Marimon, head of the Retail channel; and Elena Gigante, responsible for the Ecommerce channel.

During the meeting, the two organizations had the opportunity to get to know each other better and explore synergies and areas of collaboration. Topics such as water sustainability, efficient management of water resources and water conservation initiatives were discussed. ICRA and Nestlé Waters aim to continue the dialogue and explore possible collaborative projects in the future.