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ICRA RESEARCH: WIAT (Wastewater Impact Assessment Tool)

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

the project WIAT ( Wastewater Impact Assessment Tool ) it is an activity that is part of the initiative Wastewater Zero, the aim of which is to raise awareness among companies about the importance of reducing the impact of inadequate waste water management and encourage them to make improvements in order to have a positive impact on both the climate and biodiversity and water safety. This initiative is organized by the WBCSD ( World Business Council for Sustainable Development ), an organization led by the CEOs of more than 200 international companies that works to make a transition towards a more sustainable planet.

The duration of the project is 9+12 months (phase 1 and 2), and Joan Saló, Ventura Campillo, Lluís Corominas and Vicenç Acuña are participating. This transfer project is carried out jointly with researchers from The Earth Genome and FH20 .

The main objective is for industrial corporations to have a view of the external impacts of wastewater generation in their facilities on a global scale on water security, biodiversity and climate; and not only that, but at the local level it must be able to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its industries (both existing ones and those planned by the user). In order to facilitate interaction with the user, the WIAT project must follow the standards defined by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), organizations that help companies and governments understand and communicate their impacts on issues such as climate change, among others.