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ICRA sponsors the Print of Science Festival in Girona

Wednesday, 04 May 2022

The Pint of Science festival is an international scientific dissemination event that is organized simultaneously in several countries around the world and in several cities in Spain. The festival invites scientists to share their knowledge and research in bars and thus make science accessible to everyone. Girona is one of the cities where the Pint of Science will be held on May 9, 10 and 11. During three days there will be several talks in the bars attached to the festival. In addition to complementary activities such as contests, live music or games. In the Girona edition, a total of 12 researchers will collaborate, 6 of whom belong to ICRA. Thus, Anna Segués Codina, Elisabeth Cuervo, Natalia Ormeño Cano, Oriol Casabella Font, Dídac Jordà Capdevila and Joan Saló Grau, will put on the table topics such as water treatment and its technology, emerging pollutants or environmental flows, among others And they will do so with proposals for talks as suggestive as: “Arsenic: the king of poisons present in water”, “Can solar radiation help in the treatment and disinfection of water?”, “Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, we are facing the next pandemic?”, “Environmental flows. Between fish and people” and “The problems of industrial pollutants”. More information and full program of the Pint of Science Festival in Girona at: