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The ICRA Sustanibility Committee is created

Friday, 14 February 2020

ICRA staff members, mostly predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, have created the “ICRA-Sustainability Committee”, which has been very well received by the center’s management.

The aim of the committee is to seek the sustainability of our workplace through the design, proposal and implementation of different sustainability measures in the centre. The main goal is to create awareness about sustainability, and as scientists, we consider it our duty to take this responsibility.

The committee’s goal is to make ICRA as a workplace 100% sustainable and carbon-free by 2050.

The committee works on identifying sustainable and easy solutions to existing problems.


  • Detection, information and awareness among all ICRA staff about the use of plastic, electricity, water, waste management, recycling,…
  • Promote sustainable transport, through carpooling (car sharing), promote bicycle transport
  • More sustainable building (air conditioning, water consumption, electricity)
  • Regular meetings with all ICRA staff, to inform them of proposals and progress

The members who currently make up the Committee:

  • Giannis Florjan Norra – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Daniel Mercado – Post-doctoral researcher
  • Didac Jorda – Post-doctoral researcher
  • Duygu Tolunay – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Esther Mendoza Perdiguero – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Gianluigi Buttiglieri – Research scientist (RyC)
  • Juan David Gonzalez – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Laura Castañares Pérez – Research Technician
  • Michele Ponzelli – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Nick Duinslaeger – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Nikoletta Tsiarta – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Oriana Llanos – Pre-doctoral researcher
  • Vicenç Acuña – Research Scientist