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Workshop “Co-creation of business models in the Ágora de Girona school” organized by the MULTISOURCE project

Friday, 26 April 2024

The PIME of Austria Alchemia-nova and ICRA-CERCA, with the researchers Massimiliano Riva, Josep Pueyo, Éric Herrán, Gianluigi Buttiglieri and Joaquim Comas at the head, organized last April 24th at Escola Àgora in Girona the workshop “Co-creación de modelos de negocio. Construyendo un proyecto viable para una pared verde para tratamiento de aguas grises en la escuela Àgora”  in the framewok of the MULTISOURCE project.

The workshop had the participation of technicians from Girona City Council, from the areas of Climate Action, Urbanism and Social Welfare; and the management team, teacher and caretaker of the Ágora School.

The workshop aimed to evaluate a strategic vision for the installation and the components of the business models to define the key activities during the construction, operation and maintenance of the green wall at Escola Àgora in Girona.