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We participate in the expert session on pollutants in the integral water cycle of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

On April 24, three ICRA researchers, Gianluigi Buttiglieri , Maria José Farré and Meritxell Gros , participated in the “Expert Session: Emerging, dangerous, priority and preferential pollutants in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona” . The meeting was part of a campaign to open the Strategic Master Plan for the Integral Water Cycle within the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and aimed to bring together the knowledge of experts on specific topics with the aim of sharing knowledge, experiences and visions of the future in the specific area of ​​the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

A previous study commissioned by the AMB and carried out by Barcelona Regional had shown the need to focus more on the assessment of the presence of emerging, dangerous, priority and preferential pollutants in order to adopt new approaches that allow expanding knowledge and to be able to apply future measures to achieve a good ecological status of the water bodies of the metropolitan region. In this sense, during the session there was a debate on different concerns in relation to the management of pollutants in the integral water cycle.