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Anthropogenic pollutants in water. Sources and impacts on the aquatic environment and human health with Mira Petrovic

Chemicals are part of our daily lives. Human activity emits a large amount of chemicals into the environment and the result is continuous exposure to the complex chemical mixtures that affect ecosystems and humans. Water from rivers and lakes or groundwater is often contaminated by these chemicals, which we are exposed to through drinking water. Current scientific knowledge will be summarized in this conference.

Mira Petrovic has been a research professor at ICREA since 2005. PhD in chemistry from the Faculty of Engineering and Chemical Technologies of the University of Zagreb (Croatia). From 1999 to 2011 he carried out his research work at the Department of Environmental Chemistry of the IDAEA-CSIC. She is currently a senior researcher at the Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA), where she is head of the Water Quality Area and responsible for the line of research on contaminants in water treatment processes waters He has published more than two hundred scientific articles and participated in thirty European projects.

November 10, 2021 , at 7:30 p.m., at the House of Culture of the Diputació de Girona.
November 11, 2021, at 12:00 p.m., at the Teatre Municipal de Roses.

Organized by: Casa de Cultura de la Provincial Council of Girona and Roses City Council. Conference included in the Cycle of scientific dissemination “Creative Intelligence”, coordinated by Juan Jesús Aznar, and which this year is dedicated to water.

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    Wednesday, 10 November 2021

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