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World Water Day 2022: Groundwater: Making the invisible, visible

Groundwater provides almost half of all drinking water worldwide, about 40% of the water for irrigated agriculture and about 1/3 of the water supply needed for the industry It maintains ecosystems, maintains the base flow of rivers and prevents land subsidence and seawater intrusion. Despite its importance, groundwater is invisible. And out of sight often also means out of our perception and understanding.

The Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA) is a center whose purpose is research in the field of water and its resources, among them underground water resources, from a comprehensive vision of the water cycle including qualitative and quantitative aspects.

With this mission, ICRA wants to join the celebration of World Water Day 2022, with a seminar that, in two morning sessions, addresses:

1. the reality of groundwater at the hydrographic confederation level in terms of supply, with emphasis on the Internal Basins of Catalonia, and

2. the current challenges of groundwater in the next management plans, with the intervention of speakers external to ICRA who,

with their undoubted expertise, they provide a current vision of the subject, they contribute to spreading the knowledge of underground water and its importance in human supply and environmental preservation. All this with the aim of making this resource visible, as the slogan chosen by the United Nations says, and ensuring that, due to its strategic nature, it receives the necessary attention from the administrative, social and economic spheres.

Mode of the day: online

Last day of registration March 14 at 2pm. On March 15, registered people will receive the connection link.

Date: March 17, 2022. Hours from 9:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

IMPORTANT: To attend the conference virtually, you must register in advance (before March 14) through the following link

People who attend all the sessions of the day will be given a certificate if they so request.


9:45 Presentation of the day.
Dr. Damià Barceló, ICRA Director
  Current importance of groundwater in the supply.
10:00 The importance of celebrating a world day dedicated to underground water: the pioneering work of Dr. M. Ramón Llamas

Dr. Emilio Custodio , UPC and ULPGC

10:20 Groundwater in the context of CICs: planning instruments

Dr. Mireia Iglesias , ACA

10:40 Groundwater in the supply of the Costa Brava: a strategic resource?

Mr. Lluís Sala and Mr. Agustí López-Fàbrega , CCB-Gi

11:00 Rest
  Current challenges in groundwater management
11:20 Groundwater and dependent ecosystems

Dr. Anna Menció , UdG

11:40 Groundwater quality: Contaminants vs remediation

Dr. Albert Soler , UB

12:00 Application of Artificial Intelligence to hydrological management

Dr. Ester Vilanova , Amphos 21

12:20 Social factors in groundwater management

Dr. Viviana Re , University of Pisa, Italy

  Turn of words + closing
12:40 Interventions of the assistants

Moderator: Dr. Josep Mas-Pla , ICRA-UdG

13:30 Closing + manifesto

Dr. Damià Barceló , ICRA Director

  • Date

    Thursday, 17 March 2022

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