Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

Biodiversity and functions of aquatic ecosystems

The general objectives are to position ourselves as a reference research center in the Mediterranean area regarding the effects of global change (recent and future) in the functioning of river ecosystems, and to develop transversal research at network level river in which all aquatic environments are considered, as well as their interaction with the terrestrial environment. Specifically, there are 3 lines of research within AI3: i) study of the effect of flow and temperature alterations on Carbon flows in fluvial systems; ii) study of the effects of low flows (hydrological drought) on the functioning of fluvial biofilms and biogeochemical cycles; iii) study of ecosystem services.

Research topics:

  • Composition, distribution patterns and functions of biological communities in natural freshwater ecosystems, under reference and altered conditions.
  • Impact of climate and global change on freshwater ecosystems, with special interest in water scarcity in the Mediterranean region.
  • Compound effects of multiple stress factors on freshwater ecosystems. Impacts of pollutants and ecotoxicological implications. Conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems.