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ICRA-CERCA and Básquet Girona present the first results of the water and energy consumption study at the Fontajau stadium

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

  • The objective of the research carried out in collaboration between Bàsquet Girona and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA-CERCA) is to improve sustainability.

The Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA-CERCA) and Bàsquet Girona have announced the initial results of their collaboration with the aim of implementing sustainability improvement actions and applying innovative technologies in the field of local water management and associated resources.

In this context, the initial results of this collaboration were presented last June, which are reflected in the study titled “Estudi dels consums d’aigua i energia en el pavelló municipal de Fontajau, Girona”. This work focuses on sustainability analysis at the Municipal Pavilion of Fontajau in Girona, with special attention to water and electricity consumption, and has benefited from the close collaboration of the Girona City Council.

The study has been conducted at two different scales. On one hand, a more general analysis has been carried out, allowing to observe the evolution of consumption over the years. On the other hand, a more detailed analysis has been conducted to examine water and energy consumption on an hourly basis, thus providing a comprehensive view of the use of these resources in the pavilion.

As a result of this analysis, several recommendations have been formulated to improve the sustainable management of the facilities. These suggestions take into account both economic aspects and the benefits in terms of water savings. The Girona City Council is already routinely implementing some of the recommendations outlined in the study, which also serves to identify potential improvements in this iconic installation of the city.

This joint work of ICRA-CERCA and Bàsquet Girona highlights the interest and commitment to sustainability and the efficient use of resources in the municipal pavilion of Fontajau, Girona. Through this collaboration, the aim is to contribute to the preservation of the environment and promote responsible use of water and energy at the local level. This marks just the beginning of a series of joint initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and efficiency in water and energy consumption.

The research work also includes inventory, monitoring, and diagnosis of water consumption by the facility, as well as possibilities for improvement. In addition, the Institute will implement its tool, Innowat, a technology developed within the European project R3water, which allows monitoring of the energy expenditure of the facilities and has already been applied in wastewater treatment plants and various municipal facilities to reduce costs.

ICRA-CERCA and Bàsquet Girona are committed to continuing to work together to implement the recommendations derived from this study and promote environmental awareness through concrete actions.