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ICRA-CERCA, protagonist in Girona Nature Week 2024

Monday, 10 June 2024

ICRA-CERCA researchers have been major protagonists in Urban Nature Week 2024, organized by Girona City Council, with the aim of (re)connecting nature, the city and people in a context of uncertainty and climate emergency.

Our researchers were protagonists of two events at Assumpció Square: on Wednesday, June 5th, with a transfer session of the GiroNat project, aimed at promoting biodiversity and ecological infrastructure as central axes of a 180-degree turn towards urban renaturalization, transforming Girona into a greener, more resilient, and healthier city.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, June 8th, the Circuit of Experiences on the Urban Water Cycle raised visitors’ awareness about the importance of consuming tap water instead of bottled water through the “Water Tasting” and highlighted the energy needed to purify the water that reaches our homes with “Ride faster! Water doesn’t purify itself!”