Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water


Situated in the captivating Mediterranean region, ICRA is at the forefront of addressing the pressing challenges posed by water scarcity and the impacts of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. Our esteemed team of researchers and scientists collaborates tirelessly to deepen our understanding of hydrological processes and functioning of aquatic ecosystems to develop advanced hydrological models, and devise innovative approaches for effective water resources management.

With a strong emphasis on integrated water resource management, our institute actively engages with stakeholders, policymakers, and local communities to implement sustainable solutions tailored to the unique context of water scarcity in the Mediterranean region. By integrating climate change simulations into our management strategies, we strive to anticipate future challenges and adapt our approaches accordingly. We also ensure that the solutions we develop are not only technically & scientifically sound but also aligned with the needs and aspirations of the people directly affected by water scarcity.

Through our cutting-edge research, we seek to ensure the long-term availability of water resources, optimize water allocation, and mitigate the ecological and societal impacts of water scarcity. Specifically, we also integrate studies on the impacts on global climate change (including flow intermittency, extreme events, and warming) on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. By exploring the intricate connections between climate, ecology, hydrology, and water uses & management, we aim to foster resilience and sustainable development of freshwater ecosystems in the face of changing environmental conditions.

Join us in our mission to advance knowledge, develop innovative solutions, and promote ecologically and socially sound water resources management in the Mediterranean region and beyond. Together, we can build a future where water scarcity is met with adaptive strategies and sustainable practices that safeguard our most precious resource.

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