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ICRA Leadership International Interventions in London, Milan, Miri and Taipei on Wastewater-Based Epidemiology to Control the COVID-19 Outbreak

Saturday, 10 December 2022

The director of the ICRA, Damià Barceló , has participated in recent months in different international congresses where he has starred in interventions on Epidemiology based on waste water to control the outbreak of COVID-19.

Specifically, he spoke at the International Congress on Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture, Ecosystems and Human Health (Miri, Malaysia) about the results of the #GLOBAQUA project and the need for advanced solutions in water treatment.

Later, he participated in the 5th #EnviDay conference in Milan, organized by the Italian Chemical Society; and at the 3rd International Conference on Green Technology for a Sustainable Environment 2022 (Taipei, Taiwan).

Finally, he was the protagonist of a Conference at University College London on “Fate, risks and correction of emerging pollutants, antibiotic resistance genes and microplastics in surface and underground waters of selected European rivers and future challenges related to the Covid- 19”.