Catalan Water Research Institute research and innovation for the sustainable use of water

The Chemical Analysis Unit (UAQ) focuses its activity on the determination of a wide range of physicochemical parameters for different types of water masses (from residual to natural) through the use of advanced analytical techniques.

In any case, the applied methodologies are based on standardized procedures appropriate to the type of sample being analyzed, taking into account both the level of concentration and the presence of substances that may interfere. The operation of the laboratory is framed in a quality environment that guarantees technical competence and the validity of its results while ensuring the sustainable management of resources through a continuous improvement plan.


  • Study of bacterial communities
  • Characterization and quantification of genetic elements of anthropogenic activity
  • Characterization and quantification of the resistome
  • Radioisotope analysis (3H, 14C, 35S)


  • Cromatògraf iònic, ICS5000, Dionex

  • Analitzador Carboni Orgànic Total, (TOC) i Nitrogen Total (TN), TOC-V CSH (230) TNM-1, Shimadzu

  • Analitzador elemental, Truspec Micro CHNS, LECO

  • Balança analítica 6 decimals, XP6, Mettler Toledo

  • Equip Demanda Química d’Oxigen (DQO): digestor, CSB 24/E, Behr i valorador, 814, Metrohm

  • Mesurador Demanda Bioquímica d’Oxigen (DBO), OXITOP OC100, WTW

  • Equip Kjeldahl: digestor K-438, Buchi i valorador K-370, Buchi

  • Valorador Alcalinitat, 855, Metrohm

  • Analitzador discret, Smartchem 140, AMS Allianc

  • Espectrofotòmetre, UV-1800, Shimadzul

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