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The Unit has several cameras attached to the equipment that allow high-quality storage of the captured images, which can later be analyzed through the installed software, allowing a wide variety of measurements and calculations.

The Microscopy Unit (UM) provides researchers and external users with the equipment, technical assistance and specialized training necessary to carry out observation tasks and analysis of the microscopic structure of organisms from systems environmental aquatics, complex biological samples (such as biofilm) and water samples from reactors and pilot plants.


  • Detection and quantification of prokaryotic populations by labeling with specific fluorescent probes
  • Study of diatoms using the Nomarski technique (DIC)
  • Analysis and quantification of bacteria using nucleic acid staining
  • Analysis of prokaryotes in the water column, without the need for fixation
  • Analysis of micro and macroinvertebrates through visualization with a stereoscopic microscope.


  • Microscopi invertit

  • Microscopi d’epifluorescència

  • Microscopi estereoscòpic

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